A/V Furniture at Halsten Entertainment

A/V Furniture – BDI and Salamander

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Finding The Perfect A/V Furniture

A/V Furniture at Halsten Entertainment

Furniture pictured is from BDI.

Picking out the perfect furniture to accentuate/accommodate your home theater, as well as, all other rooms you have A/V equipment in can be a bit overwhelming when trying to match material, color and texture. When one includes desired conveniences such as: disappearing wheels for easy mobility, high quality material but light weight, ease of assembly, high quality pop out panels to easily access the hidden wiring for your A/V equipment, pull out shelves, vents to circulate heat, space that is the perfect size to enclose a sub-woofer or other kind of speaker and even more, depending on the size of your home theater and amount of A/V equipment that needs to be concealed.

At Halsten Entertainment, we not only guide you to the perfect products that identify with each feature that is important to you and what’s needed for the a/v system you have, but additionally we help you stay within a budget, with setup and ongoing maintenance when needed. Making this exciting new addition to your home become an enjoyable experience and be the perfect match to exactly what you are looking for the first time around.

Furniture Brands at Halsten Entertainment

A/V Furniture at Halsten Entertainment

Furniture pictured is from Salamander.

We want to provide each of our clients with unlimited options. Meaning, the brands we leverage are fully customizable to meet every need. Two of our industry leading brands include BDI and Salamander. These brands each provide high quality products with unique design features and conveniences. Both provide the ventilation, built-in wire management and have models that accommodate speakers. We determine what company and line is the best fit based on your style, system size and customization needs. Taking all factors into consideration. BDI designs and technology specializes in providing hidden wheels that can be leveraged if the furniture needs to be moved, clever ventilation and mostly contemporary designs.  Salamander designs and technology provide lots of customization options such as (built in auto fan systems, slide out shelves, casters, drawers,lighting and more) and offer a larger variety of both contemporary and traditional designs.

Buying Your A/V Furniture

After the design process with one our specialists, your furniture order will be placed and a date for setup and install will be scheduled. It is our goal to make your experience with us exceptional throughout the entire process. Whether you already have an A/V system in place and are simply looking to upgrade the furniture or you are starting from scratch with a whole new system and furniture design, we can help with finding the perfect fit for you. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.


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