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Epson, Sony and Runco Projectors

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TV’s vs. Projectors

Epson Projectors at Halsten EntertainmentLet’s dive right into the benefits of projectors and how they blow TV’s out of the water (in some cases)!

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  • Not limited to specific screen size
  • You can size your screen to your room
  • Better picture quality
  • More exciting experience than a flat panel
  • Often times you can hide the screen and projector when not in use
  • Screens and projectors have come a long way, making it so you don’t have to “live in a cave” to own one


All of these benefits sound ideal and make your purchasing decision a no brainer right? Well, if you are anything like us here at Halsten entertainment than you will want to see it to believe it — so stop in and check out a projector in person!

Halsten Projector Brands – Epson, Sony, Runco

Runco Projectors at Halsten Entertainment in Minneapolis, MN

Runco 3D Projectors

Epson:  Epson has been a dominant player the projector market for some time now.  They make, both, home theater and business projectors.  Epson, as a manufacturer, provides the LCD panels that are used in almost every other brand of LCD projectors. Epson projectors are known for superior engineering and design, for extremely sharp imagery, and for being conservatively rated.  Typically, in projector reviews, Epson projectors almost always exceed claimed specifications (very rare).

Sony:  Sony is probably the most recognizable brand in the market. Sony does it all — they produce portable projectors for mobile presentations, compact and affordable entry level business projectors, basic classroom projectors, advanced network projectors for executive conference rooms and training centers, large venue projectors, and 4k Digital Cinema projectors for motion picture theaters.

Runco:  Runco projectors can be found on the most impressive, elegant, and opulent global stages.  Runco’s impressive image reproduction technology has set them apart from other projector manufacturers.  Runco projectors are continuously improving in ways that allow for easy integration with the home cinema system.


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