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With over 30 years in business and known for continuously bettering their technology, Paradigm sure has made an exceptional name for themselves in the audio industry. Building products people can trust and rely on, it was only natural for Halsten Entertainment to ensure we offered their high quality audio products to our customers. We have access to all the products Paradigm has to offer but carry the Reference, Classic and Shift collections are in our showroom for you to view first hand. There is one other complete collection offered by Paradigm that is not on display in our showroom and that is the Signature collection.

Products Offered by Paradigm

Paradigm Products Available at Halsten EntertainmentWith Paradigm strictly specializing in audio they have made sure they offer products that cover any type of audio need. Individual audio needs like a smartphone dock, bluetooth and epic headphones (in ear and out of ear) to any type of audio product for the interior and exterior of your home. You will find products built specifically for bookshelves, in-wall, mouthing, floor standing, as well as complete sound systems to accommodate your home/theater audio needs. The collections help you to determine all the right products for your audio system project. Below is a word from Paradigm about their company, brand and products.

Paradigm is a better brand of audio. With better audio comes a better experience. We’ve been building better audio for more than 30 years. Unlike almost every other audio manufacturer, we have our own sound research and development facilities—a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber to take accurate sound measurements and our own double blind listening rooms to test every product we produce. We’ve won hundreds of product awards and garnered thousands of rave reviews.

You can also watch the Paradigm Story by watching this video!


FAQ and Support – Brought to You By Paradigm and Halsten Entertainment

Among many other amazing perks of buying Paradigm products, they have made convenience, support and service a priority for all their customers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions they have provided to help their customers. They offer an warranty and support to assist with any questions or concerns you may. All of these things are good to know and if you would like to utilize our expertise regarding your system design and needs to bring audio vision to life, call to setup a FREE in-home consultation or stop in at Halsten Entertainment today. We will walk you through each step and take care of everything for you.

Can Paradigm ADP™ Surrounds be placed in areas other than the side walls?

Yes! They can be mounted on the wall behind the listening area or on speaker stands to the left and right of the listening area. They should always be positioned so that a minimum of sound is projected directly toward the listening area. We highly recommend use of a qualified contractor to ensure that the installation is secure.

How tall should my speaker stands be?

Speaker stands should be tall enough so that when you are sitting in your normal listening position, the high-frequency drive unit (tweeter) is approximately at ear level.

If I use the “A” and “B” speaker outputs of my receiver will my speakers then be bi-amped?

No. Both “A” and “B” terminals operate from the same receiver/amplifier. Bi-amping requires a second amplifier.

Is there a ‘break-in’ period for Paradigm speakers?

Although Paradigm speakers sound great right out of the carton, they will sound even better once they are broken-in. We therefore recommend that you operate the speakers for several hours before you do any critical listening.

Should I Bi-wire or Bi-amp my Paradigm Speakers?

Bi-wiring/bi-amping can improve clarity, detail and bass response. And since bi-wiring only requires another set of speaker cables, this can be a very inexpensive option to consider. Bi-amping requires a second amplifier and is thus more costly. Both bi-wiring and bi-amping is covered in detail in the owners manual of Paradigm® models that have this option.

Should I play my Paradigm speakers with the grills on or off?

Paradigm speakers are designed with low-diffraction grills that minimize interference from enclosure edges. These grills also incorporate a Controlled Waveguide™ to ensure superior wide-dispersion uniformity. As such, they are meant to be played with grills on.

Should I use Paradigm ADP™ Surrounds with Dolby Digital®, DTS®, etc.?

Yes! ADP™ Surrounds are full-range designs that are Dolby Digital® and DTS® ready. Their wide-bandwidth ensures optimum timbre-matched performance with front speakers. And the very large reverberant sound field that ADP™ surrounds provide ensures vastly superior non-localized performance. This unique combination makes ADP™ surrounds the best choice for Dolby Digital® and DTS®.

What is the purpose of each speaker in a Home Theater System?

The purpose of each speaker is as follows:

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  • Front Speakers (left/right) provide the main musical soundtrack, off screen dialogue, and transition sound effects.
  • Center Channel provides on-screen dialogue, center image of the musical soundtrack, and transition sound effects.
  • Surround Speakers (left/right) provide sound effects and ambience (atmosphere).
  • Subwoofers provide dynamic low bass information.


When Bi-amping, can I use different models of amplifiers?

While this can be done, it is generally not a good idea. Different amplifiers often have different internal gain; with the same input signal, the amplifier with higher gain will play louder. When passive bi-amping, this higher gain will result in a frequency imbalance. For example, if the higher gain amplifier is connected to the bass/mid-frequency input terminals, it will play bass/mid frequencies louder and incorrectly change the frequency balance of the speaker. This could be compensated for; if your amplifier has level controls you could adjust the amplifier level to subjectively try to bring the speaker back to the correct frequency balance.

However, to maintain a completely accurate frequency balance when passively bi-amping the two amplifiers must have identical gain. The best way to ensure this is to use the same amplifier brand and model to power each section of the speaker. Please refer to your owners manual for complete information on bi-amping.

Why should I use Paradigm ADP™ speakers for surround?

Paradigm ADP™ speakers are specifically designed for surround use. First, they provide a large non-localized reverberant soundfield — just like you experience in a movie theater – for exceptional surround performance. Second, they are full-range designs providing balanced bass, accurate midrange and extended smooth highs. This ensures accurate timbre matched performance with the front speakers. The result is seamless, timbre-matched sound with the front speakers for stunning music and home theater performance!

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