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Home Theater Accessories For The Holidays

Deck your home theater with boughs of holly… Well, maybe not ornaments but how about a popcorn machine or some cool theater lighting?  What’s a home theater without any accessories? In my opinion, having certain home theater accessories increase the experience when using your own home theater.  Especially when you are gearing up for the upcoming holiday parties your hosting or maybe it’s just for the family time you will all spend together throughout the holiday season.

Home Theater Accessories to Choose From

Poster Marques at Halsten EntertainmentOne of our Home Theater Accessory providers is BASS. People love BASS and their accessory line called DECOR because they pride themselves on being American made. Here is what BASS and our other providers have to say about their accessory line and what they have to offer:


“Décor is our collection of American made, authentic movie theater elements that complete and enhance the home cinema visual experience. These are the products used in real movie theaters. Poster framesposter marquees, and poster cases showcase your favorite movie poster art. Put up an authentic cinema sign and identify your theater entrance or show off your concession menu. Add ambiance with a ticket booth, a concession stand, or a candy showcase. Light up your theater interior with elegant or themed wall sconces. Add flair with our pop décor or collectable wall art. Bring some Hollywood into your home.”

Kilroy USA

A local manufacturer with a huge selection of all sorts of home theater accessories, antiques and replica memorabilia. Halsten Entertainment particularly likes their popcorn machine options.

Home Theater Interiors

Custom Wall Sconces at Halsten EntertainmentHome Theater Interiors provides all the accessories you’d look for and they sell online. Browse their store from the convenience of your own home, purchase online and have everything shipped right to your front door! One of the products Halsten likes from Home Theater Interiors is the custom wall sconces. See to your right!

Epic Sky Tech

“We specialize in innovation of lighting and control. We manufacture specialty lighting control systems and star ceiling panels in the United States that are the most cutting edge controller devices on the market, and these are just a small part of a overall innovative line of devices manufactured by Epic Sky. Our controllers are designed to support millions of programmable lighting scenes that you can configure from your phone or IPAD. Automate your entire lighting system from one location along with our integrated music control. At Epic Sky Technology you will find affordable stand alone devices to manage your atmosphere effortlessly.”

Here at Halsten, we recommend checking out the Epic Sky Tech – Star Panel Ceiling.

Questions and Deciding on Your Home Theater Accessories

With so many options available to you, we encourage you to stop into Halsten Entertainment today.  We will help you identify the right products to make your vision come alive, fit your space and stay within your budget. If you are unable to stop in to our store, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We are happy to help guide you the most convenient way for you. Happy Holidays!

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