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Finding The Right Home Theater Furniture

The number of home theater furniture options is staggering. In a constantly evolving and growing industry, how does a consumer ensure they have found the right home theater furniture for them?  Obviously, numerous factors come into play. One of the biggest would be budget but it can be argued quality in terms of both materials used and construction, warranty, mobility and comfort are equally as important. With there being endless amounts of Furniture providers in Minnesota, that offer some sort of home theater furniture options, it can be hard to know who to turn to for the right guidance, assistance and access to all these options. Knowing this, hopefully you realize that picking a company that solely specializes in Home Theater, and having a home theater design specialist is necessary in making sure you get the best bang for you buck while still having your new purchase enhance the other decor in the room.

The Best Features of Home Theater Furniture

So we already mentioned some of the major factors to consider when purchasing new home theater furniture. Budget but quality in terms of both materials used and construction, warranty, mobility and comfort. Here are some of the features you should be looking for in a high quality piece of furniture:

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  • Home Theater Furniture at Halsten Entertainment in MinneapolisWheels – Always look for detachable or hidden wheels to help with the ease of mobility. Having the ability to easily move furniture to clean, rearrange the room or even to pack up for relocation. Having furniture that provides wheels for mobility is amazing.
  • Passive or active ventilation – Having proper and adequate ventilation for home theater system is essential and something you can have without the expense of curb appeal. Passive ventilation is discrete and silent. Active ventilation is great for big amplifiers, cable boxes, or anything else that produces a lot of heat, but it will add some fan noise.
  • The ability to hide speakers – It seems everybody wants great sound, but nobody wants to see any speakers. Choose the right stand and you can have huge theater sound and keep the family room free of clutter.
  • Wire management – Many furniture pieces have removable back panels to hide wires behind. The only wires you see are the power cord and cable cord running to the wall.
  • Material – Home theater furniture comes in all sorts of crazy veneers and leathers. The material you choose can make a large difference in the comfort and longevity of your furniture. Choose wisely and it will probably outlast your audio/video components.
  • Electric recline – It seems everybody has the same reaction when presented with electric reclining chairs: “Oh, I’m not THAT lazy”. It has nothing to do with being lazy. Electric recline lets you stop the chair wherever you are most comfortable. Stop in and give it a try. The vast majority of people that come in wanting manual recline end up ordering the electric version once they play with it.
  • Custom options – A couple of our chair manufacturers will work with us to incorporate custom features into the chairs. Want a giant touch screen built into the arm of the chair? Heated seats? Memory foam? Hidden compartments? Sports logo embroidered into the leather? Multi-colored leather with contrasting piping? Be as creative as you want, they can most likely make it happen.
  • Motion simulation – Want the ultimate add-on to your already impressive theater? Order your chairs with D-BOX actuators built in! Combine this with 4K and 3D for the most immersive movie experience you can get in your home.


Reputable Home Theater Furniture Brands and The Investment

Home Theater Furniture at Halsten EntertainmentAgain, there are a lot of Home Theater Furniture providers out there. Especially when you count big box stores like Best Buy, Becker Furniture world, Slumberland and more. The thing to keep in mind when considering these stores to make your purchase at is:  Are you being provided a large range of options, within a reasonable budget and is the quality as good as the curb appeal? These types of stores don’t specialize in furniture around Home Theaters or audio and video systems. What’s nice about working with a design specialist at Halsten Entertainment is we can make sure you get the most for your investment. We can show you all options that fit within your budget, not just what a store may be limited to elsewhere. We will be able to breakdown all of the variables listed above so you can buy with confidence. Hands on assistance before, during and after is Halsten Entertainment way.  If your in the market for new Home Theater Furniture, We look forward to seeing you soon.

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