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Sound with KEF Blades

Simply put, these are the cleanest sounding, coolest looking, most knock-your-socks-off-awesome speakers on the market.  It feels like you are standing in the front row of a concert, except this is a concert where the band has all of its studio equipment with them on stage allowing the music to sound far better than live music would ever be able to sound naturally.  That’s how good these speakers are.

The KEF Blade Sound Test

minneapolis audio electronics kef bladeFor those of you out there who, right now, are thinking, “if these speakers are so good, why don’t they share a sound test in this blog, elsewhere on the website, or on TV?”  The answer to that question is that over the internet or on TV you will just hear the quality of the speakers on your computer or TV!  You absolutely need to come in and request a sound test.  Bring your music, otherwise you will be at the mercy of the Halsten Entertainment staff for what music gets played.  One might think that our staff would get tired of constantly testing these speakers for people, but the truth is that these speakers output music that is so pure and crisp, the staff couldn’t even get sick of listening to Miley Cyrus.

KEF Blades – The Technical Stuff

In the video we said we weren’t going to bombard you with specs or any of the technical jargon… and we didn’t.  But, for those you who are reading further, we feel that may be exactly what you are looking for.

The KEF Blade is the world’s first Single Apparent Source loudspeaker.  Because the sound from a single source is cleaner, it is like you are listening to one voice right in front of you — instead of many.  This single apparent source configuration is what makes the Blade so gratifyingly coherent across the frequency range, with noticeably more precise imaging than is possible from any conventional speaker.  What you hear sounds as if it’s being performed live right in front of you.

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The Halsten “Least Favorite Song Challenge”

Here is our challenge to you:  Bring in a CD (yes, one of those round shiny things) with your absolute least favorite song on it.  We will play your absolute least favorite song in the world over the KEF Blades and if the Blades do not make you like your least favorite song just a little bit then we will serenade you to the song of your choice (some restrictions apply).[/two_third]

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