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Sonos is Wireless

Today it seems like more and more electronics are available via wireless.  This is excellent for numerous reasons. I especially think this for those of you who have little ones running around. Eliminating the chewing on cords or tripping over cords gives you TWO less things you need to worry about. Sonos is a well known electronics manufacturer specializing in HiFi wireless speakers and audio components.  No matter what system you choose to go with, you will be able to have a speaker in every room of your home and even outside by the grill and be able to listen music streaming from all sorts of different sources like Songza, Amazon Cloud Player, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM and tunein.  Of course you can also access your podcasts, iTunes and more by using your numerous devices around the house.  Smartphones, tablets or computers can control apps from the cloud.  The nice thing about Sonos approach is they can simultaneously help you put together a system for your home that is favorable on your wallet.

Sonos lineup

Sonos in a League of It’s Own

A few key points for you help determine how Sonos seperates it’s product line apart from the rest:

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  • Unites your digital music collection in one app that you can control from any device.
  • Control your system from your Android or iOS
  • Access any station on Earth – No seriously! Play all the music on earth from any source in your home.
  • Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network
  • Soundbar controllable from TV Remote
  • Largest selection of streaming services available
  • Easy to use comparison charts and diagrams on how your system will work together to create musical magic
  • Expectational Support


On top of the things listed above, Sonos goes the extra mile by offering an assortment of accessories that complement their products.

Halsten Entertainment and Sonos

We brought on Sonos as our first wireless audio system. We were skeptical because of the issues we’d had with other wireless products. The performance of the products quickly thwarted any concerns we had about reliability. Sonos soon became one of our best-selling distributed audio products. We continue to be impressed with their products and always look forward to any new gear they release.

Visit Halsten today for a one on one conversation with an expert to help pick out the right products for your home. For testimonials from direct consumers of Sonos products visit their website!

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