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Why Soundbars Are Awesome

In Wall Soundbars at Halsten EntertainmentHave you recently purchased a new flat screen TV or are considering doing so?  It’s the holiday season, football season and, well, the biggest party/entertainment season of the year.  People who are hosting parties for the holidays tend to want to provide the best entertainment around. Soundbars have become an increasingly popular method of enhancing the sound quality for the latest models of light weight and thin TV’s.  It is a known fact that sound quality has been sacrificed to produce a better looking screen. Soundbars are an awesome compliment to the latest styles of TV’s due to their ability to improve the sound quality in any type of room.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are priced anywhere from below $100.00 up to over $2000.00. They can be built right into the wall, mounted or simply sit on display like a normal speaker. Soundbars typically come with a wireless subwoofer of some sort to produce the low sound frequencies.

Picking the Right Soundbar For Your Home

There are a few things to consider before picking out a soundbar.  Here at Halsten we will help you from beginning to end with determining where the soundbars should go, what connectors are required, and what is going to be the best system for you to use based on the type of TV and space you have.

Soundbars Carried at Halsten Entertainment

We have two general types of soundbars – passive and powered.

The passive soundbars require an A/V receiver to power them. One advantage to this is that the soundbar can be integrated into a full 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. Another advantage is the receiver gives us more inputs and can simplify the wiring if we were to mount a TV on the wall. Our most popular passive soundbars are:

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Soundbars carried at Halsten Entertainment

The powered soundbars are more common. There are LOTS of options. The biggest advantage to the powered soundbars is simplicity. They generally consist of the soundbar and its matching subwoofer. They work exceptionally well in a simple A/V system. For example – something consisting of a TV, satellite box, and blu-ray player. Most of the powered soundbars just require a single wire running from the TV to the soundbar and the subwoofer is wireless. Some of the higher-end soundbars have multiple inputs and can be hooked up like an A/V receiver. Our most popular powered soundbars are:

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*Room Sample photo provided by Paradigm.

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