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audioquest available at halsten entertainment minneapolis mn

Please join us as we welcome Jim Scatena, Field Sales Representative from Audioquest Cables to share


A one of a kind listening experience evaluating why the right cables are important for your A/V system.

Saturday March 8th, 2014

10:00am – 4:00pm


Are you ready to experience the biggest myth in the world of Hi-Fi?

“Cables don’t matter”  “I won’t be able to hear the difference”

We are ready to prove this wrong.

Bring in one of your HDMI cables and a pair of your speaker cables to compare.   Or, listen to various quality levels of Audioquest HDMI cables and speaker cables.  We will explain sonic differences as well as product differences and you will be able to experience the difference yourself.

Music matters and cables DO make a difference!

This is going to be a fun experience for all to hear.  Come in to Halsten Entertainment anytime on Saturday March 8th between the hours of 10-4 and we will compare cables.


        halsten entertainmentPearl vs. Vodka   halsten entertainment







   Type 4 available at Halsten EntertainmentType 4 vs. Rocket 88  Rocket 88 available at Halsten Entertainment


Remember to bring in your own cables for a listening evaluation. You will be amazed at what your ears will hear!


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