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Kaleidescape Media Servers at Halsten Entertainment
Kaleidescape Media Servers
412 218 Halsten Entertainment

Kaleidescape Media Servers Experience home theater with a new outlook!!! Kaleidescape Premiere Line is a clean design that is based on giving you an ultimate home theater. Kaleidescape gives you options such as, unlimited replay of Blu-ray movies throughout large homes and even yachts. It eliminates large stacks of DVD’s and those large cases by…

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Total Control (Home Control) – What is it?
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Audio, Video, Lighting, Climate, and more! Home control is referred to as having complete control over everything digital throughout your house. URC, a company all about helping people control their digital experience, asks it best! Have you ever wished for a magic little box that controls everything in your home? Something that enables you to…

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outdoor television and outdoor speakers
Outdoor Audio and Video
800 474 Halsten Entertainment

Outdoor Audio and Video for the Summer Have you ever wondered how businesses keep TVs and speaker systems protected and working perfectly in the outdoors?  Well it is actually pretty simple: these products are available on the market and work in every type of exterior environment!  We carry 2 of the most well known and…

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Home Theater Furniture
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Finding The Right Home Theater Furniture The number of home theater furniture options is staggering. In a constantly evolving and growing industry, how does a consumer ensure they have found the right home theater furniture for them?  Obviously, numerous factors come into play. One of the biggest would be budget but it can be argued…

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KEF LS50 Speakers available at Halsten Entertainment Minneapolis MN
KEF LS50 – 50th Anniversary
600 493 Halsten Entertainment

Check Out The KEF LS50 – 50th Anniversary Have you been considering upgrading your speakers and looking to do so at an affordable cost? The KEF LS50 50th Anniversary is the answer you have been looking for. Halsten Entertainment is a KEF preier dealer and selling a set of these bad boys at the low…

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Sony 4K at Halsten Entertainment in Minneapolis MN, Your audio and video experts!
Sony 4K
554 303 Halsten Entertainment

Let’s Start With The 4K Experience! The best way to describe what the 4K experience is exactly is how Sony, the creators of 4K technology put it:  Moviegoers have long known that a bigger screen makes for a more thrilling experience. But in a home theater, increasing screen size quickly reveals the imperfections of high…

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