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Kef Blade Minneapolis Halsten Entertainment Tech Fair, Home Theater, Electronics and Audio
KEF Blades
1024 325 Halsten Entertainment

A Few Words From Halsten Entertainment Sound with KEF Blades Simply put, these are the cleanest sounding, coolest looking, most knock-your-socks-off-awesome speakers on the market.  It feels like you are standing in the front row of a concert, except this is a concert where the band has all of its studio equipment with them on…

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A/V Furniture at Halsten Entertainment
A/V Furniture – BDI and Salamander
800 600 Halsten Entertainment

Finding The Perfect A/V Furniture Furniture pictured is from BDI. Picking out the perfect furniture to accentuate/accommodate your home theater, as well as, all other rooms you have A/V equipment in can be a bit overwhelming when trying to match material, color and texture. When one includes desired conveniences such as: disappearing wheels for easy…

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ezsign tv signage solution at Halsten Entertainment
LG EzSign TV Signage Solution
750 480 Halsten Entertainment

Why Choose LG EzSign Signage Solution for Your Business Hear from the experts themselves. The best award winner from the Commercial Integrator magazine in 2011 for digital signage hardware, the LG EzSign TV signage solution is an innovation in digital signage that can entertain while maximizing the impact of your message. Create your own signage…

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SHIFT Collection Products at Halsten Entertainment
The Experts at Paradigm
400 464 Halsten Entertainment

Halsten Entertainment is a Local Dealer of Paradigm With over 30 years in business and known for continuously bettering their technology, Paradigm sure has made an exceptional name for themselves in the audio industry. Building products people can trust and rely on, it was only natural for Halsten Entertainment to ensure we offered their high…

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home theater accessories at Halsten Entertainment in Minneapolis MN
Home Theater Accessories
900 300 Halsten Entertainment

Home Theater Accessories For The Holidays Deck your home theater with boughs of holly… Well, maybe not ornaments but how about a popcorn machine or some cool theater lighting?  What’s a home theater without any accessories? In my opinion, having certain home theater accessories increase the experience when using your own home theater.  Especially when…

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In Wall Soundbars at Halsten Entertainment
Soundbars in Your Home!
600 377 Halsten Entertainment

Why Soundbars Are Awesome Have you recently purchased a new flat screen TV or are considering doing so?  It’s the holiday season, football season and, well, the biggest party/entertainment season of the year.  People who are hosting parties for the holidays tend to want to provide the best entertainment around. Soundbars have become an increasingly…

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