KEF deals are HOT!!!

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  We are celebrating KEF’s Birthday with these amazing deals!   __________________________________________________ Q700 The Q700’s performance throughout the sound spectrum is incredible whether your listening room is large or small. MSRP: $750.00/each REDUCED: $549.99/each X300A & X300A Wireless The X300A is a powerful desktop audio system that offers the highest resolution digital music reproduction from your…

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Total Control (Home Control) – What is it?

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Audio, Video, Lighting, Climate, and more! Home control is referred to as having complete control over everything digital throughout your house. URC, a company all about helping people control their digital experience, asks it best! Have you ever wished for a magic little box that controls everything in your home? Something that enables you to…

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outdoor television and outdoor speakers

Outdoor Audio and Video

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Outdoor Audio and Video for the Summer Have you ever wondered how businesses keep TVs and speaker systems protected and working perfectly in the outdoors?  Well it is actually pretty simple: these products are available on the market and work in every type of exterior environment!  We carry 2 of the most well known and…

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Sony Projectors at Halsten Entertainment in Minneapolis MN

Epson, Sony and Runco Projectors

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TV’s vs. Projectors Let’s dive right into the benefits of projectors and how they blow TV’s out of the water (in some cases)! [styled_list marker=”star”] Not limited to specific screen size You can size your screen to your room Better picture quality More exciting experience than a flat panel Often times you can hide the screen…

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Kef Blade Minneapolis Halsten Entertainment Tech Fair, Home Theater, Electronics and Audio

KEF Blades

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A Few Words From Halsten Entertainment Sound with KEF Blades Simply put, these are the cleanest sounding, coolest looking, most knock-your-socks-off-awesome speakers on the market.  It feels like you are standing in the front row of a concert, except this is a concert where the band has all of its studio equipment with them on…

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In Wall Soundbars at Halsten Entertainment

Soundbars in Your Home!

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Why Soundbars Are Awesome Have you recently purchased a new flat screen TV or are considering doing so?  It’s the holiday season, football season and, well, the biggest party/entertainment season of the year.  People who are hosting parties for the holidays tend to want to provide the best entertainment around. Soundbars have become an increasingly…

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Halsten Entertainment, Sonos Dealer in Minneapolis, MN

Sonos is With You Wherever You Are

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Sonos is Wireless Today it seems like more and more electronics are available via wireless.  This is excellent for numerous reasons. I especially think this for those of you who have little ones running around. Eliminating the chewing on cords or tripping over cords gives you TWO less things you need to worry about. Sonos…

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