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Finding the right electronics manufacturer is not as important as having the the right person help you determine which products are right for you. That being said, we do carry products from many of the finest Audio/Video manufacturers in the world. Here are a few you may know of!

bowers and wilkins
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Full List of Manufacturers

  • Televisions, Plasmas, LCD’s and Projectors

    In the Halsten Entertainment showroom you will find numerous TV’s. plasmas, LCD’s and projectors to choose from, check out and analyze. When you are determining which one to buy, we recommend utilizing one of Halsten Entertainment’s design specialists. They will be able to help you decided the right fit for your space, sound preferences, clarity and more. Below is a list of electronic manufacturers we use for these types of products.

    • Runco
    • Panasonic
    • Sony
    • Samsung
    • JVC
    • Sharp
    • LG
    • Epson
    • Seura
    • Sunbrite TV
  • Speakers and Sub-woofers

    Looking for a set of speakers with a sub woofer, or one or the other. See the different collections available on the market today, as well as, individual products that might work very well if you are gradually upgrading the current audio and video equipment you currently have.

    • Paradigm
    • Bowers & Wilkins
    • KEF
    • SVS Subwoofers
    • Sonance
    • SoundCast Systems – Portable Outdoor Speakers
    • Audio Pro
    • Sonos – Wireless Music
    • Sonance
    • Audio Pro
  • Screens
    • Stewart Filmscreen Corp.
    • Screen Innovations
    • Draper Inc.
    • Da-Lite
    • Dragonfly
    • Sima
  • Media Servers
    • Kaleidescape
    • iPort Music
  • Acoustical Treatments
    • Dynamat
    • Acoustic Surfaces, Inc.
  • Parts and Accessories
    • Audio Quest
    • Planet Waves
    • Cool Components
    • Ice Cable Systems
    • Furman Sound
    • Panamax
    • Chief Manufacturing
    • Sanus Systems
    • Omnimount
    • Peerless
    • INCA Corp
    • Seura
    • Lutron
    • Leviton
    • Midde Atlantic Products, INc.
    • Key Digital
    • Gefen
  • Receivers, Sources, DVD, CD Players, AMPS and Preamps

    Bringing your sound system and TV/Projector together to produce the magic. A lot of the systems on the market come with predetermined products in this section.  However, for those who are upgrading their current setup gradually, might be looking for individual pieces. We are able to access models of all sorts and brands.

    • Integra
    • Marantz
    • Bryston
    • Pioneer Electronics
    • Anthem
    • Sony
    • Denon
    • Parasound
    • TiVo
    • DirectTV
  • Whole House Distribution

    Wholesale Distributors are connected directly with the Manufacturer of the products they warehouse and distribute. It’s the job of a Wholesale Distributor to “distribute” or ship products to either Retail stores or directly to the customer if they provide drop shipping for the retailer. Read More on The electronic manufacturers we have wholesale distribution relationships setup with are as follows:

    • Atlona
    • RTI Corp
    • Aton
    • Integra
    • Sonos
    • Vaux Electronics
    • NeoPro Integrator
    • Sonance
    • Zee Vee
  • Furniture & Seating
    • Continental Seating
    • BDI
    • Salamander Designs
    • Sanus
    • Lafer
    • Palliser
    • Camden Cinema Furniture
  • Motion Controllers and Transducers
    • D-Box
    • Clark Synthesis
  • Control Systems
    • RTI Corp
    • Universal Remote Control
  • Home Theater Decor
    • BASS Industries, Inc.
    • Kilroys
    • Numinus
    • Stars From Mars
    • Epic Sky Tech Technology
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