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Kaleidescape Media Servers

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Kaleidescape Media Servers

Experience home theater with a new outlook!!!

Kaleidescape Premiere Line is a clean design that is based on giving you an ultimate home theater. Kaleidescape gives you options such as, unlimited replay of Blu-ray movies throughout large homes and even yachts. It eliminates large stacks of DVD’s and those large cases by using the latest technology to store all of your movie wants into one device for easy finding and re-watching as your heart desires. It also gives you the option to upgrade your standard DVD’s to blue ray quality online. This is especially beneficial for those large movie-viewing screens. Have more then one room sharing the same movies? No problem. Kaleidescape offers a scalable accommodation that allows more then one room with various screen sizes to enjoy the same movie.

How a Kaleidescape Server works

Kaleidescape at Halsten EntertainmentA Kaleidescape server holds a digital copy of your DVD’s ad other media discs while playing movies through Internet to send them to virtually anywhere in your home. Using its RAID-K technology protects from loosing data. Data can be added by connect more then one server to create one large collection of all your media. They’re two types of servers that have this capability, the 1U Server can store up to 1,800 DVD’s and 325 Blu-ray Discs. If the 1U seems too small for your collection the 3U Server should do the trick with a massive 7,200 DVD storage capacity along with the Hot Spare option.

Reviews of Kaleidescape Products

Wired.com named Kaleidescape Cinema One the 5th out of ten top favorite item from the 2014 Luxury Tech Show. Although the Cinema One is a great product it has the capability of holding 1/3 of the content that the 1U Server does. Financial Times wrote an article on Kaleidescapes Cinema One also calling it a new take on home cinema with a clever interface and library capacity.  It is safe to say the 1U and 3U are a larger scale of these already amazing Kaleidescape devices.

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