Projectors and screens have come a long way in the last 10 years. You no longer have to sit in a pitch-black bat cave to enjoy the picture on your giant screen. Choosing the correct projector and screen can give you a picture on par with many of the flat panels on the market.

When you buy a projector and a screen, you’re buying an experience. With a projector like the Sony 4K SXRD VPL-VW5000ES you’re getting a top notch 4K picture that affords you an experience that even the largest flat panels just can’t match. If you haven’t had this experience in person, you need to stop in and check it out. We have multiple projector & screen combos set up in different environments, they are ready to demo when you have the time.

We have several different projector brands available. Keep in mind that the projector is the first part of the equation. The screen is a giant optical device and can have dramatic impact on your viewing enjoyment. We carry several different brands of screens as well, including the Black Diamond from Screen Innovations.

If bigger is better when it comes to TVs, then a projector screen is definitely the way to go. While traditional flat panels typically stop at 85”, a projection screen can be made as big as you dare go!

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