SVS and Halsten Entertainment bring immersive, heart-pounding sound to Minnesota at Speakers & Subwoofers Unleashed: A Night of Thrilling Audio with SVS, on Tuesday, June 4, from 6pm-8pm. On this special evening, SVS President Gary Yacoubian and members of the SVS and Halsten Entertainment teams will share knowledge on home audio tech, offer jaw-dropping demos of new Prime Pinnacle tower speakers, earth-shaking 3000 Series subwoofers and game-changing Prime Wireless Speakers and SoundBase. We’ll also have a $2,000 SVS speaker system giveaway and other great prizes. RSVP HERE.

To set the stage, we’re offering a little background on the scorching audio brand and including insights from their visionary President, Gary Yacoubian.

Interview with SVS President Gary Yacoubian

What’s different about SVS?

SVS takes pride in being the most energetic and customer facing audio brand. Everything we do is geared towards bringing amazing audio experiences to broader audiences than ever before because we believe it shouldn’t be an elitist hobby limited to a very small percentage of humanity. SVS makes high end audio accessible to a lot more people, including younger music, home theater and gaming fans who’ve never truly experienced immersive sound at home.

How would you describe the SVS culture?

More than anything, SVS has a culture of passion and inclusiveness. We all live, breathe and love immersive audio experiences on a personal level so it’s reflected in everything we do. It’s cool because we have this vehicle where we can express our beliefs about what great audio should be and it gets articulated through product development, blog posts, customer service and everything else SVS does. We’re an upstart but not an upstart that has disavowed what we stand for. We obsess over sound quality. We immediately reply to every customer email, phone call, Tweet and other messages with expert advice. We engage customers anywhere they want to be engaged and try as hard as possible to make our passion contagious.

What makes the SVS design philosophy unique?

With audio brands, there’s often a divide between products that are expertly designed, but lack the passion or inclusiveness behind them, and products that were designed with passion, but lack the engineering rigor required for truly great performance. SVS products reflect a fusion of innovative technology, precision engineering, exhaustive testing, and most importantly, our team’s personal drive for audio excellence.  The end goal is always to redefine performance for the price with every new speaker and subwoofer, and never to be elitist. We want as many people as possible to enjoy incredible audio experiences at home so our design philosophy reflects our culture of inclusiveness.

Who are the modern audiophiles?

You no longer have to spend silly amounts of money or obsess over every last detail of system set-up and calibration to be an audiophile. To me, anyone with a desktop PC system, a 5.1 home theater or even a two-channel gaming system could be considered an audiophile as long as they’re willing to invest in better sound quality. It’s not about the pursuit of perfection, it’s about a desire to get the most out of every listening experience, within your means. That’s the modern audiophile.

What is your personal connection to audio and sound quality?

Music has been my passion literally since before I could talk, or at least so that has been reported to me by my parents. I also go to dozens of concerts and IMAX movies a year just to keep in touch with the immediacy of the live experience and make sure our speakers and subwoofers can capture as much of that as possible. A love of great sound has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and now I get to make awesome audio products that connect people to the music and movies they (and I) love. Plus, I get to talk directly to the folks who enjoy our products. How cool is that?

SVS: High-End Audio for Everyone

SVS was founded in 1998 by a group of audiophile engineers who observed that customers were paying too much for lackluster subwoofer performance. Born from humble beginnings in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS is now among the most well-known home subwoofer brands in the world and one of the fastest growing high-performance audio manufacturers.

The vision behind SVS is a belief that world-class, immersive audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach. SVS speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories refute the notion that exceptional sound quality needs to be astronomically priced. The SVS design approach involves a fusion of sophisticated technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab and real-world testing, and a deep personal passion for audio excellence, all brought to life by the company’s acoustic engineers. With every new product, SVS strives to redefine audio performance for the price.

From the coherent soundstage, pinpoint imaging, superb detail and sonic transparency of reference-grade SVS loudspeakers, to the effortless power, subsonic low frequency extension, chest-thumping slam, and pinpoint accuracy of the acclaimed subwoofers – award-winning SVS products guarantee an audio experience that shatters expectations.

Based in the U.S.A., SVS maintains direct communication with its passionate owner community through social media, forums, live events, digital marketing, and other channels. SVS’ authentic approach, high end audio products and white glove Sound Experts service are all reasons why Halsten Entertainment is thrilled to be an authorized SVS dealer.

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